This years experience will be centered around adults. We will be accepting 10 adult male participants between the ages of 30 and 50 to join in on the adventure. 


You are a Protector. It's the same today as it was hundreds of years ago and there's pretty good odds it will continue be the same hundreds of years from now.


Angry shrieks from modern thinking aside, the Strength of Man has stood between the violent realities of Nature, and the safety of the Home.


This is our role. Sometimes, there is no cavalry coming over the hill. You are it.


Planned, coordinated and led by our team with backgrounds in psychology, survival, and military special operations, we know what it takes to create the sort of test that makes Protectors even more effective at their supremely important role. Are you prepared? Have you been tested? How hard was the test? Who tested you?


let wilderness element be the ultimate test

This test is not to prove to us, or your family, or those around you that you've been 'tested', but to change how YOU think about your own level of preparation for the unknown that always exists in the areas outside of your control. 


While no man can truly say they are prepared for everything, this trip will give you a wealth of knowledge taught by trained professionals.  Our goal is to give you some extra tools in your toolbox so that YOU can say 'I'm prepared to deal with whatever may come.'


This is the kind of test that you not only remember, but builds a foundation of competence and confidence that will aid you the rest of your life, in all endeavors.

Wilderness Element group provides experiences that are specifically designed to address the  needs of both families and individuals. A great deal of time is spent planning each group meeting to ensure all participants are able to identify and work on their specific concerns.  We use Wilderness Backpacking, Camping, Kayaking, Challenge Based Activities as well as Low and High Ropes Course to create unique challenges that promote growth.   

We are looking forward to working with you this summer.  The impact is dramatic and can be long lasting!  Please call 260-484-5599 with any questions.