about the adventure

Wilderness Element group provides experiences that are specifically designed to address the  needs of both families and individuals. These groups are to treat Anxiety, ADHD, and High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder.   Each participant’s individual and family needs are assessed to gain a full understanding of specific and unique concerns prior to starting the Dunn Associates, P.C. Wilderness Element program. An individualized plan for each participant and family is created to ensure a fulfilling, enriching, and impactful experience.

A great deal of time is spent planning each group meeting to ensure all participants are able to identify and work on their specific concerns.  We use Wilderness Backpacking, Camping, Kayaking, Challenge Based Activities as well as Low and High Ropes Course to create unique challenges that promote growth.   Experiential treatment allows each participant to see firsthand how his or her maladaptive behaviors and dysfunctional emotional issues are manifested with real and immediate impact.  Each participant is then supported in creating new ways of awareness, self regulating, social relational functions, expressing themselves in healthy ways, and dramatically improving their secure self-worth.  We focus on identifying and developing the ability to challenge oneself by accepting discomfort but believing in your own ability to push through to achievement!

We are looking forward to working with you this summer.   We only accept 20 participants per year so feel free to reserve your place in this years experience as soon as you complete the enrollment forms.   We believe this program is the best treatment approach for your child and family.  The impact is dramatic and can be long lasting!  Please call 260-484-5599 with any questions.

Focuses on:

  • Mindfulness Development

  • Insight/Self Awareness

  • Impulse Control

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Developing Secure Sense of Self

  • Strengthen Family Relationships